UntroD|Pioneering the Uncharted Frontier
To conquer the unexplored, that's what we have decided to do. Unexplored areas where boundaries have not yet been tested. Unexplored realms that hold endless possibilities.

Before the term "deep tech" existed, we coined the term "real tech" to describe innovative technologies that contribute to solving societal and environmental challenges. We took a first step into the untrodden domain of investing in R&D-oriented startups to create impact. A decade later, our society has discovered the potential for new industries in deep tech, and capital and talent have started flowing in. This flow created by pioneering uncharted territories has grown into a significant wave that brings about societal transformation.

We continue to tackle two types of "uncharted" territories. The first is in fields that are scientifically, technologically, and physically difficult to reach. The second is where social and cultural situations or bias make it challenging to step into. We will navigate these two territories with our principles and the power of the "3 Ds" .


Pioneering new frontiers in capitalism
UntroD Capitalism is about creating a mechanism to direct capital into uncharted territories that society needs but have been overlooked by investors. There is a simple method to achieve this: we dive into these areas and prove their economic viability. Then, more capital will start coming in, like immune cells responding to foreign substances in the body and gathering around them.

This is the fastest and most effective way to move society in the right direction and mobilise global capital. We continue to be the capital that plants a flag in these unexplored territories needed for our Earth and society to flourish, where economic and human capital have not yet reached, where we build the first town together.

Deep Social Impact

Extending the will of capital to the society
Pioneering the unknown resonates with people and society, bringing about structural changes. Small successes embed in people and organisations the will to change beyond direct economic impact, bringing about shifts in habits, mentality, systems, and markets. By continuing to deploy capital with purpose, we create a wave that attracts economic and human capital, maximising social value that leads to a new era.

Deep Solution

Fundamentally solving societal and environmental challenges
Innovative technologies such as AI, synthetic biology, and quantum computing will continue to develop without limit. And the humanities, such as philosophy, history, and sociology, will need to accompany such development with deep human understanding and cultural insights. To liberate the Earth and humanity from fundamental issues, approaches from all areas, including new technology development, industry creation, social implementation, and institutional design, are necessary. There are countless things that can be done for the happiness of people and the World.

Deep Issue

Tackling pressing issues of the earth and humanity
Humans have created various pressing issues from prolific industrial activities and sprawling capitalism. The complex intertwining issues span across various areas, including poverty, healthcare, energy problems, and climate change. In addition, many challenges exist in ensuring a culturally rich and happy life for everyone, such as ensuring healthy working conditions, a conducive educational environment, and securing diversity and inclusivity. We need to direct capital into socially necessary areas with clear intentions and a long-term view to minimise constraints on our future generations.
Impact investing