Our Portfolio

Global Fund
Japan Fund

Global Fund

  • NDR Medical Technologies Pte. Ltd.
    Development of an automated needle targeting system enabling surgeons to perform minimally invasive tumor biopsies
  • Sentient.io Pte. Ltd.
    AI Startup Developing and Providing Domain-Specific AI Solutions
  • Aerodyne Ventures Snd. Bhd.
    One-stop Drone Solution Provider
  • SG Austria Pte. Ltd. (Austrianova)
    Developing novel and proprietary technology for the Encapsulation of Cells and Bacteria
  • JALA Tech Pte. Ltd.
    Developing and offering solutions for shrimp marketplace and aquaculture management
  • Profile Print Pte. Ltd.
    Developing a platform for non-destructive recognition of food ingredient profiles
  • BlueBear Ventures
    Deep Tech focused seed stage VC based in the US
  • Bali Grove Pte. Ltd. (KARANA)
    Developing whole plant-based meat using jackfruit
  • ceEntek Pte. Ltd.
    Developed a unique Carbon Nano Fiber paste for high-performance concrete
  • SEPPURE Pte. Ltd.
    Developing highly chemically-resistant nanofiltration membranes with high performance
  • VFlow Tech Pte. Ltd.
    Vanadium redox flow batteries to promote renewable energy
  • Deep Science Ventures
    UK-based venture creator that combines scientific knowledge and founder-type scientists
  • Crown Digital Pte. Ltd.
    Developing fully automated AI-powered barista robots
  • Hydroleap Pte. Ltd.
    Developing next-generation green wastewater treatment solution
  • SolX Technologies Pte. Ltd.
    Revolutionizing the energy market with a technology oriented market place

Japan Fund

  • Miraikikai Inc.
    Development of robots that combine robustness and autonomous control algorithms
  • KINOTECH Corporation.
    Regenerate high-purity zinc ingots from electric furnace dust and significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to the conventional Waelz process
  • Quantaglion Co.ltd
    Aiming to standardize random numbers in the IoT industry by developing a true random number generator using the natural decay of nuclei
  • Man-Machine Synergy Effectors, Inc.
    Development of "Jinki," a robot for working at heights using advanced robotics technology
  • M&A
    Amelieff Corporation.
    Providing bioinformatics solutions in the medical biotechnology field
  • MELTIN MMI Co., Ltd.
    Avatar robot and medical device business using cyborg technology
  • 4D Sensor Inc.
    Develop an ultra-high-speed, ultra-high-precision, and real-time camera using 4D Sensors’s proprietary moire analysis technology
  • KYULUX Inc.
    Develop ultra-high-efficient, rare-metal-free organic EL light-emitting materials
  • Sanamedi, Inc.
    Providing an open innovation platform for medical technology
  • Ory Laboratory Co., Ltd.
    Develop avatars that overcome physical/ spacial challenges and achieve a world in which everyone can participate in society
  • iHeart Japan Corporation.
    Develop regenerative medicine products for the treatment of heart diseases
  • Exited
    Rapid-charging large-capacity carbon nanotube capacitor business
  • Think-Lands Co., Ltd.
    Develop drug delivery systems using cutting-edge hollow micro-needles
  • IPO
    QD Laser Inc.
    Develop eyewears for the visually impaired using semiconductor laser technology and wavelength control technology
  • Challenergy Inc.
    Develop a micro-grid system using next-generation wind power generators
  • E-ThermoGentek Co., Ltd.
    Develop a thermal power generation device using a flexible substrate
  • Order-made Medical Research Inc.
    Develop antibody drugs using LIMAXYS method, an original antibody production technology
  • CONNECTEC JAPAN Corporation.
    Develop innovative semiconductor mounting technologies
  • RESVO Inc.
    Develop a blood test kit (patient stratification kit) for schizophrenia and autism
  • Floadia Corporation.
    Develop a non-volatile memory IP business that can be easily embedded at low cost
  • CLUE, Inc.
    Develop control devices and systems for industrial drones
  • Intelligent Surfaces Inc.
    Develop MPC polymer, a biocompatible material that mimics human biological membranes
  • NeuroSpace Co., Ltd.
    Develop a cutting-edge hardware and software tool to enable quality sleep
  • Epsilon Molecular Engineering, Inc.
    Design next-generation antibody molecules, such as camel single-chain antibodies (VHH) and peptide aptamers, in a short period of time with high quality to contribute to drug discovery and diagnostics
  • PLANTX Corporation
    Develop original “Closed-type” plant production machines, which are used for indoor vertical farming
  • IPO
    Institute for Q-shu Pioneers of Space Inc.
    Real-time earth observation project using a small synthetic aperture radar satellite
  • AMI Co., Ltd.
    Development of stethoscope with automatic diagnosis assistance for cardiac diseases
  • Natsume Research Institute, Co., Ltd.
    Utilizing pupil analysis technology to quantify emotions
  • ANSeeN
    Development of Next Gen. X-ray Sensor with Both Ultra-High Resolution and -Low Exposure
  • Light Touch Technology Inc.
    Development of the world's first non-invasive real-time blood glucose sensor
  • AKT-lab. Inc.
    Manufacture high-purity functional materials using a unique single crystal manufacturing technology that does not use crucibles
  • IPO
    ispace Inc.
    Lunar transportation and lunar resource development project using lunar lander and lunar rover
  • Integriculture Inc.
    Cell-based agriculture business using proprietary general-purpose cell culture technology (cell-cultured meat, etc.)
  • Lighthouse Inc.
    Developing an IoT platform to improve the efficiency of fishing vessel operations
  • Wonder Future Corporation
    Develop an original electronic equipment contract manufacturing service (EMS) based on their “IH Reflow" technology
  • Aqua Fusion Corporation.
    Develop "AquaMagic" an innovative underwater visualization system (sonar)
  • Metro Weather Co., Ltd.
    Provision of ultra-high definition wind information by Doppler lidar
  • Ball Wave Inc.
    Develop measuring instruments using their highly-sensitive, fast-responding and non-invasive "Ball SAW Sensor" chemical sensor
  • Farmnote Holdings Inc.
    Develop Farmnote, a smart agricultural system using IoT devices and cloud analysis technology
    Develop an imaging cell sorter that combines different technologies such as optical imaging technology, multidimensional data processing using machine learning, and microfluidic technology
  • aba Inc.
    Detect and visualize excretion using odor sensors, for everyone that requires nursing care
  • Langualess Inc.
    Develop an innovative heartbeat detection sensor capable of capturing heartbeats without fur procedures and a pattern classification algorithm to infer autonomic nervous activity from HRV
  • Eco-Pork Inc.
    Develop "Porker", a pig farming management system
  • AgroDesign Studio Inc.
    Research and development of pesticide ingredients (active ingredient compounds) which are environmental friendly and safe for humans
  • U-MAP
    Development of Whisker AlN with Both Super Heat Dissipation and Insulation Properties
  • CellFiber Co., Ltd.
    Development of mass cell culture solutions using cell fiber technology
  • SUDx-Biotec Corporation
    Developing innovative, quick and highly accurate virus testing using glycan nanotechnology
    Development of a long-range fixed-wing drone for large-scale disaster investigation and development of an information sharing system
  • ArkEdge Space Inc.
    Building a satellite constellation with high-performance nano-satellites
    Development and sales of a ultra-large 3D printer with unique print heads
  • Sagri Co., Ltd
    Structuring data platform with technology providing solutions for agriculture.
  • Ashirase, Inc.
    Providing walking navigation for people with disabilities that does not interfere with hearing
  • Emulsion Flow Technologies Ltd.
    Low-cost and high-purity rare metal recycling business born out of JAEA
  • MiCAN Technologies Inc.
    Developing and providing blood cells for drug discovery and infectious disease testing
  • Optieum Biotechnologies Inc
    Generate the optimized scFvs to yield CAR-T cells with robust anti-tumor effect
    Developing human and animal vaccines using silkworm-derived proteins
    Developing proprietary chemical recycling technology
  • Restore Vision Co., Ltd.
    Developing gene therapy technology for retinitis pigmentosa
  • ARK Inc.
    Developing compact and decentralized closed recirculating aquaculture system
    Developing labor-saving and manpower-saving solutions for construction sites
  • Eight Knot inc.
    Developing autonomous navigation technology and on-demand water transportation system
  • Naturanix
    Developing super-fast charging stations and electric mobility
  • CAST Inc.
    Developing a constant pipe-monitoring system utilizing innovative thin piezoelectric sensors
  • Zip Infrastructure
    Developing an electric autonomous ropeway transport system that goes around curves
  • WOTA
    Developing next-generation decentralised water infrastructure
  • Adacotech Incorporated
    Developing an original few-shot learning anomaly detection AI for manufacturers QC
  • SoLARIS Inc.
    Developing the world's highest performing pneumatic artificial muscles
  • 3DC Inc.
    Developing a new carbon materials for longer battery life and higher capacity
  • tonari
    Life-sized video walls connecting two locations, enabling people to remotely share space
  • AutoPhagyGO inc.
    Developing Autophagy control technology
    Developing nanomaterial coatings that add various functions such as antiviruses
  • NanoBridge Semiconductor, Inc.
    Revolutionary rad-hard FPGA reducing energy consumption by 90%
  • molmir
    Breakthrough drug discovery platforms that can capture molecular movements and state changes
  • Smart Laser & Plasma Systems Ltd..
    Developing laser and plasma technologies for optimisation and visualization of industrial processes
  • Solafune, Inc.
    The only satellite data analysis competition platform designed for hackers
  • CULTA Inc.
    Developing high-speed breeding technology to improve sustainability and profitability
  • Nano Frontier Technology Co.,Ltd.
    Developing high-temperature heat-resistant coatings for solar thermal power generation
    Revolutionising the mass production of inexpensive and safe hydrid rocket engines
    Developing transparent solar cells to convert infrared light to energy
    Developing purification system for ultra-pure hydrogen
  • TKG Therapeutics, Inc.
    Developing a cancer drug that utilizes innate immune response by targeting microRNAs.
  • Illumi Medical
    Developing medical devices for light therapy that deliver light throughout the body through blood vessels
  • Material Gate
    Innovative Memory Materials Solve High Volume Power Consumption Challenges