Our Solutions

Investing in Uncharted Territories with Clear Intention

Since our establishment in 2015, we have been pioneering the uncharted field of "deep tech" through our VC fund, "Real Tech Funds." With over 30 billion yen under management, we have invested in more than 100 deep tech startups, in the seed and early stages, that possess technologies capable of fundamentally solving societal and environmental challenges but do not have access to sufficient capital. We also provide specialised support in intellectual property, manufacturing, recruitment, and PR.

We conduct these activities with a clear intention to “be the first to step into uncharted territories that address society needs but capital finds it difficult to flow into”, and “create a sustainable mechanism that continuously supplies capital and human resources by proving their economic viability”.

This mechanism will be realised through multiple VC funds we create and operate in Japan and globally. With multiple strategies, we will step into uncharted territories beyond deep tech and make investments that create even greater social impact.

    Our Funds

    Our Impact

    To create positive social impact in uncharted territories, we established the first impact investment fund specialised in the deep tech domain as a VC fund in 2020.