To Our Future Team

─ Message from CEO Akihiko Nagata ─

The reason why sustainability is so popular today is probably because our efficient capital system is undermining the sustainability of the earth and its people’s wellbeing.

Over the past 15 years, I have continued to explore my own approach to social change through my role as a deep tech startup CEO.

While developing biofuels to address environmental issues, I observed that people feel stressed from change and act according to their own desires even if we appeal to the social good. Therefore, if we really want to do something impactful for society, we need to create environmentally friendly products with economic rationale but without changing existing lifestyles.

People want to do good for society. The maximum potential will be achieved when doing good aligns with self-interests and desires.

Real Tech Funds, the predecessor to UntroD, started in 2015 when the term “deep tech” did not yet exist, and have been supporting startups created by scientists. Ten years on, society has discovered the potential for new industries in deep tech, and capital and human resources have started to gather.

What I have realised through deep tech startup and venture capital management, is that capital with intention and will can bring about changes.

There are many things we can do to influence results.

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