Creating Positive Impact in Uncharted Territories

Since the establishment of “Real Tech Funds” in 2015, we have been leading the way in investing in and nurturing R&D-oriented startups that aim to solve global and human challenges. Examples include U-MAP, a new materials startup that aims to solve the increasing heat problems caused by electronic devices; Eco-Pork, which provides solutions to pig farmers that lead to improved productivity and reduced environmental impact; and Vflow Tech, which develops vanadium redox flow batteries to promote the adoption of renewable energy.

However, as impact investing was limited in deep tech, especially for those in the seed and early stages, we established the first impact investment fund specialised in early-stage deep tech startups in 2020.

In 2023, we began collaborating with IMPACTLAKE, an institution specialised in Impact Measurement and Management (IMM), to further strengthen our support for impact startups and enhance our IMM capabilities.