Investing in Deep Tech Startups in Seed and Early Stages, and in Regional Areas Where Capital is Scarce

Before the term “deep tech” existed, we coined the term “real tech” and ventured into uncharted territory by providing capital to research and development startups that could solve societal issues. We also supported their business growth through specialised support in intellectual property, manufacturing, recruitment, and PR, to create social impact.

New technology development is essential for treating diseases that still have no cure, curbing climate change, and freeing humans from harsh working environments. However, due to the high risks involved, there are limited players willing to invest in seed and early-stage startups that have strong core technologies but have not yet to complete MVP (minimum viable product) development and are yet to build their business models. As a lead investor, Real Tech proactively takes risks alongside startups to bring new technology seeds to the world.

While about 80% of our venture capital investments in deep tech startups is directed towards Tokyo-based startups, more than 70% of startups are founded outside of Tokyo, and this funding supply-demand imbalance itself has become a major social issue. As deep tech startups often grow by utilising research facilities at universities and research institutions across Japan, we aim to strengthen regional ecosystems by actively investing in startups outside of Tokyo, fostering the emergence of more startups focused on solving social issues.

Investing in over 80 Companies Across 25 Prefectures

Since our establishment in April 2015, we have invested in and supported over 80 seed and early-stage deep tech startups, where funding is most needed.

Comprehensive and Specialised Support System for Social Implementation of Deep Tech

Comprehensive Collaboration with Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.

To discover and strengthen the support system for deep tech startups, we have a comprehensive collaboration agreement with Leave a Nest Co., Ltd., a research group with the vision of “advancing science and technology for global happiness”. They operate Asia’s largest deep tech seed acceleration program, “TECH PLANTER,” the “HYPER INTERDISCIPLINARY CONFERENCE” that fosters new knowledge by transcending boundaries of different fields and industries, and the “Knowledge Manufacturing Conference”, which combines knowledge across fields and industries between SMEs and startups. This collaboration builds a support system from discovering technical seeds globally to supporting startups and leading investments and development at the seed and early stages.

An Ecosystem to Seamlessly Support Deep Tech Social Implementation

To realise an ecosystem that provides seamless support for the social implementation of deep tech startups, we have partnered with a variety of companies, including Leave a Nest Co., Ltd., Uchida & Samejima Law Firm, which offers legal services in the deep tech field, and KOBASHI HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., which has a history of manufacturing over 100 years under the philosophy of “cultivating the Earth.” This collaboration has established an ecosystem that provides comprehensive support, from discovering technical seeds, incubation to prototyping, POC, IP strategy, scale production, and IPO, overcoming various barriers at each growth stage.

A Professional Team Optimised for the Deep Tech Domain

UntroD has assembled a professional team capable of providing optimal support in the deep tech domain. In addition to funding and business support, we offer hands-on support in various functional areas, including intellectual property, recruitment and HR, public relations, creative, and manufacturing.

Extensive Network of Business Corporations

The companies investing in the Real Tech Fund comprise experts from various industries aiming to collaborate with deep tech startups. At UntroD, we support the realization of business and capital collaborations.

Companies investing in either Japan or Global funds