Mizuki Komasa

Growth Manager
Before joining Real Tech Fund in 2015, Mizuki worked for Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and SMBC Nikko Securities.

He supports startups with technologies that are indispensable for human space exploration such as ispace (lunar lander), QPS Laboratories (small radar satellite), Arkedge Space (nano-satellite and probe), Mertin MMI (cyborg technology), WOTA (autonomous water recycling unit).

In 2019, along with JAXA and Sigmaxis and more 30 other companies and research institution, Mizuki established the Space Food X program with that aims to solve issues revolving food on space and here on Earth. In 2020 he founded SPACE FOODSPHERE and is now the representative director. He is also in charge of research and development for the strategic project led by the Cabinet Office under the Stardust Program; “Development of an Advanced Resource Recycling Food Supply System to Support Long-Term Stay on the Moon and other bodies”.

Mizuki has a Masters in Bioinformatics from Keio University