Mami Ikeda


After the bankruptcy of the airline company Mami joined as a fresh graduate, she became interested in the art of building a “strong organization, people, and business”.

After that, Mami moved to the U.K. to work for a global DMC. As a Manager and Corporate Planner in a BPO in Malaysia, she set up an Offshore Shared Service Centre for organizational restructuring, and achieved growth from 0 to 100 employees in 2 years.

After returning to Japan, Mami joined a startup and launched the HR division from scratch where she was responsible for the entirety of HR operations such as recruitment, labor, evaluation, system, and rules, etc and designing the team structure.

Before joining Real Tech, Mami was in a startup bringing the HR functions in-house which had previously been dispersed and sourced externally. Two years later the company was listed on Mothers (now Growth).

Currently, she is engaged in HR support for the company and its portfolio companies.