Hiroyuki Takahashi

Growth Manager

Hiroyuki covers life sciences as a growth manager at Real Tech Fund.

Since joining Leave a Nest in 2009, Hiroyuki has established programs that bridge academic research into social implementation. For example, he founded the “LNEST Grant”, a research grant for researchers aged 40 or younger that is funded primarily by the private sector, and the “Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference”, a forum that aims for accumulation of knowledge by encompassing entities from academia, startups, large companies, and small factories.

As a member of NEST iPLAB Co., Ltd., Hiroyuki also handles the IP strategies of universities and startups, and utilizes the “patent prosecution highway” to expedite the patent prosecution of intellectual properties for Southeast Asian startups.

He also serves as Executive Officer of Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. and Director of NEST iPLABCo., Ltd.

Hiroyuki has a PhD in science from Yokohama City University Graduate School.